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FlexiRelax - The massage gun

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Socket for charging the device
FlexiRelax - The massage gun

FlexiRelax - The massage gun

€124,99 EUR

A practical and effective way to take care of your muscles at home

  • Thanks to its high vibration frequency, it penetrates deep into muscle tissue to relax tense muscles and reduce stiffness.

  • It is equipped with several interchangeable massage tips, allowing you to target different muscle groups and personalize your massage session.

  • FlexiRelax offers several levels of vibration intensity, allowing you to adjust the strength according to your preferences and needs. He favors blood circulation in the muscles, thereby helping to reduce muscle soreness, speed up recovery after exercise and improve physical performance.

  • FlexiRelax is ideal for sportsmen, athletes and anyone wishing to relieve muscle tension and improve recovery.




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